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Our Story

Twenty-five years ago, when our dog got sick, a vet suggested switching to a raw diet. When we couldn’t find the quality food we were looking for, we set out to make it ourselves! He had a complete reversal of symptoms and so we decided to make it a way of life for all of our dogs and cats. For years we've researched the most important ingredients to ensure a well-balanced diet and, with guidance from veterinarians and pet-loving chefs, experimented with recipes to find what our pets most liked.

After years of feeding this special formula to our own fur babies, friends started to ask us to make it for their pets as well. Word spread, and finally we decided to share our creation with the world. Rawfection was born!

The result is fresh, never processed, vet-approved, raw pet food that our pets love and deserve, from our kitchen to yours.

100% natural ingredients

Formulated Specifically for your Pet's Health and Wellness