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Transitioning to Raw

There are two methods to consider when transitioning your pet to a raw diet: cold turkey or a gradual switch.

Cold turkey means an immediate transition to all raw food from day 1, removing the processed or cooked pet food immediately. While some cats and dogs do great cold turkey, this method is primarily suggested for puppies and young dogs.
The second option - and our preferred method - is gradually switching over a week period, though some pets may need longer. We recommend doing this as separate meals - not mixing the raw with kibble or cooked.

Day 1: Feed one of their meals kibble/cooked then, the later in the day, a small amount of raw.
Day 2 - 6: The first meal should be their food again, the meal after should be raw with a larger amount of the raw. Keep repeating over the next several days, but gradually decrease the size of the kibble/cooked meals and increase the raw until the raw is the same amount as their usual meal.
Day 7: By the end of the week your pet will be on an all raw diet for both meals. If you notice an upset stomach we suggest slowing down the process and going over a 2 week period.

We always suggest consulting with a veterinarian when switching any food.